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Ship Manoeuvring Simulation for a Passenger Vessel at Port of Agaete

Localisation: Agaete, Gran Canaria (Spain)
Client: Canary Islands Government

Siport21 has carried out a ship manoeuvring study for a passenger vessel at Agaete’s Port whith the following objectives:

  • Assess the access conditions of Passanger Ferries to Agaete’s Port considering the present situation.
  • Estimate possible limitations of the existing facilities.
  • Evaluate the maximum dimensions of the ships allowed to operate within the port.

The reference model ships were the ferries:

  • “Volcan de Taburiente”, 132 m lenght
  • “Volcan de Timanfaya”, 143 m lenght

Tools and Methodology

A Real-time Ship Bridge Simulator (MERMAID 500 model developed by MARIN-MSCN (The Netherlands)) was used. This tool is property of Siport21 and located in Madrid. This is the only privately-owned simulator of this kind in Spain.

The analysis was carried out following the methodology described by PIANC (International Navigation Association as well as in Spanish Port Authority Recommendation ROM 3.1-99 “Maritime Recommendations for the Design of Port Access and Manoeuvring Areas.

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