Manoeuvres en Terminal Polivalent

Ship Manoeuvring Simulation for vessels in the maritime access to the new multi purpose marine facility at Port of Tarragona

Localisation: Tarragona, Cataluña (Spain)

Client: Tarragona Port Authority

Project Objectives:

Analyze and evaluate two alternative layouts for the construction of a multi purpose terminal in the port of Tarragona.

The vessel’s reference models were:

  • “Capesize” Bulkcarrier , 290 m length
  • Bulkcarrier  321 m length
  • Car-carrier, 230 m length
  • Panamax Container Ship, 275 m length
  • Post-PanamaxContainer Ship, 347 m length

Tools and Methodology

  • For this purpose, the manoeuvring numerical model SHIPMA was used. This is a numerical autopilot model for ship manoeuvring under the influence of wind, waves and current.
  • The analysis was carried out following the methodology described by PIANC (International Navigation Association as well as the Spanish Port Authority Recommendation ROM 3.1-99 “Maritime Recommendations for the Design of Port Access and Manoeuvring Areas”.


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