Formation de Capitaines

Training sessions for LNG vessel Captains

Localisation: Siport21 headquarters, Madrid (Spain)

Client: Knutsen OAS Spain

Project Description

The objective of the project consisted of:

  • Training sessions for new LNG vessels (138.000 m3 and 173.400 m3) Captains regarding entrance maneuvers to the Sagunto and Bilbao LNG Terminals
  • Facilitate the initial contact with ship’s maneuvers in the mentioned facilities, under the conditions established by the operative operation manual

The reference ship models were:

  • LNG vessel 138.000 m3 taking as a reference the “Bilbao Knutsen” and the “Cádiz Knutsen“ ships
  • LNG vessel 173.400 m3 taking as a reference the “Barcelona Knutsen” ship

Tools and Methodology

  • The training program was carried out using Siport’s 21 Real-time Ship Bridge Simulator, under the supervision of a Merchant Marine’s Captain who is a member of our technical staff.
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