Ship Manoeuvring Simulation for vessels in the new maritime terminal in the Port of Barcelona

Localisation: Barcelona, Cataluña (Spain)

Client: Barcelona Port Authority

Project Description

The main objective of this study was:

  • Analyze and evaluate the turning maneuvers of different ships focusing on cruise ships in the attached Dock and to detect any interference with the new facility due to the construction of a New Marine Terminal at “Coast Pier” (Port of Barcelona) designed for Short Sea Shipping.

The reference ship models were:

  • Panamax Cruise ship, 248 m length
  • Post-Panamax Cruise ship, 311 m length
  • Maximum Cruise, 345 m length
  • “Ro-Ro”vessel, 185 m length

Tools and Methodology

  • For this purpose, a Real-Time Ship Bridge Simulator was used. This tool is property of Siport21 and located in Madrid. This is the only privately-owned simulator of this kind in Spain.

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