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Analysis of Ship Manoeuvres and Floating Dock Relocation for the Valparaiso Port Development Project

Localisation: Valparaiso (Chile)

Client: INHA and Empresa Portuaria Valparaiso

The project objectives were:

  • Analyze the relocation of the floating dock for the project of a new container terminal .
  • Check the protection level needed against the waves, and consequently, propose an adequate availability of new sites.
  • Assess of the accessibility of berths, as a reference to relocate the floating dock.

The reference ship was:

  • Post-Panamax Container ship, 318 m length and 42.8 m beam

Tools and Methodology

For this purpose, the manoeuvring numerical model SHIPMA was used. This is a numerical autopilot model for ship manoeuvring under the influence of wind, waves and current developed by Delft Hydraulics and MARIN (The Netherlands).

The analysis was carried out following the methodology described by PIANC (International Navigation Association) as well as in Spanish Port Authority Recommendation ROM 3.1-99 “Maritime Recommendations for the Design of Port Access and Manoeuvring Areas”.

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